Friday, January 27, 2012

My Pinterest Obsession

As I have stated in other posts, I'm a little obsessed with Pinterest.  Okay, okay, maybe a lot obsessed.  I have been getting some great ideas from there and have been slowly trying them out.  You may have read about my painted mason jars and my fruit crate.

I thought it would be fun to keep sharing some of the things I try from my Pinterest inspiration.  I'll even include the good AND the bad.

Here is the latest:

I have a whole Pinterest board dedicated to ideas for using crates and pallets.  One of my favorite ideas was the pallet shelf.  Once I convinced my husband to jump on board the pallet train, he tracked down a pallet and we ended up with this bad boy on our wall:

I'm still playing around with different nic-nacs and I have to put more pictures in the empty frames.  But other than that, it's finished and on the wall.  We love it.

What do you think?  Would you ever put a pallet on your wall?


  1. Where does one find a pallet? Yes, I would definately put one of those bad boys on my smaller pieces of enamelware would look pretty cute perched upon it!

  2. You can find used pallets at lumber yards, grocery stores, warehouse stores, etc. Around here, most places like that will gladly give you their used pallets.

    Yes, enamelware would look WONDERFUL on a pallet shelf!

  3. I'm also obsessed with pinterest--I followed you.

    I love the pallet as wall art!