Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Thankful Box

Practicing gratitude is something that is very important to me.  I want to do everything I can to instill a grateful heart and attitude into my children.  Enter:  The Thankful Box.

Every November 1st, as the children are waking from their post-Halloween sugar comas, I set out our Thankful Box.  They love it.  Several years ago, I read about this idea (wish I could remember where) and HAD to implement it.  At the time, my kiddos were going to their grandma's house once a week for "Craft Day," so I sent them with a special task:  make a Thankful Box.  They took a shoe box, covered it with fabric, and decorated it with leaves and such.  It's not the prettiest thing, but you know what?  I don't care.  The kids take great pride in their box, and they created some fun memories of making it with their precious grandma who has since passed away.  That ugly little box means the world to me.

I print off some thankful cards and set them with the box.  (I found a great free printable over at Lovesome.  Thanks, Erin!). 

All through the month of November as we think of things we are thankful for, we stop and write them on the paper and throw them into the box.  Little ones who can't read or write yet draw pictures of things they are thankful for instead.  Then on Thanksgiving, we open up the box and read them all out loud.  It ends up being such a special time of laughter and tears.  So very good for the soul.  This has quickly become one of our favorite traditions of the whole year.  

After we read them, I put them all in a ziploc bag and store them away.  I tend to be a minimalist and don't like to hang on to things, but these are too precious to toss in the garbage.  Someday, when the kids have all moved on, I'll dig these out and read through them and cry my eyes out.  *sigh*  

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