Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Christmas Chain

Christmas traditions.  Do you have any?  We have a few that reflect our family's heritage:  hiding a pickle decoration in the Christmas tree (German), celebrating Boxing Day with Christmas Crackers (no, not the kind you eat, the English kind you pop), celebrating Little Christmas Eve with a bowl of Risengrynsgrot (Norwegian), and more.  One of the fun things we have done for years is to use a chain made out of construction paper to countdown the days until Christmas.  On the inside of each chain is something fun to do that day:  go look at Christmas lights, make a gingerbread house, sleep under the Christmas tree, watch a Christmas movie, etc.  It's a definite favorite around here.  This year's chain had to be hung up high over the world map because of a certain 3 year old who loves to destroy everything she touches.  Ahem.